Guided Reading Activities – Pierre Trudeau and Prickles the Porcupine Play Hide and Seek!


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READING + GUIDED READING ACTIVITIES = GOOD READERS! One of the first steps for literacy development for young readers is to provide them with meaningful activities that provide successful and enjoyable reading experiences.



One of the first steps for literacy development in young readers is to provide them with meaningful activities! Meaningful activities provide successful and enjoyable experiences for early readers. It helps them to THINK about what they have READ!

Pierre Trudeau and Prickles The Porcupine’s FUN and FRIENDLY Guided Reading Activities facilitates the development of your young child’s early literacy accomplishments! They will foster reading enjoyment and improve comprehension!

Time for children to talk about their reading and writing is perhaps one of the most underused, yet easy-to-implement, elements for learning. It provides measurable benefits in comprehension, motivation, and even language competence. The task of switching between writing, speaking, reading, and listening helps children make connections between, and thus solidify, the skills they use in each. Use these Guided Activities as a tool for conversation and discussions with your child!

Bright Kids’ Guided Reading Activities offer many high-frequency words and illustrations that provide direct support for meaning, word solving, and language structure. Watch as your child’s reading improves while having FUN enjoying these activities!

Through a series of guided activities focused on discovery, recognition, and application your child will learn to generate ideas and demonstrate improved comprehension.

Your child will benefit from daily opportunities for practise in applying their reading, writing, spelling knowledge and story discussion. Conversation improves comprehension. Such literary conversation helps children to analyze, comment, and compare—in short, to think about what they’ve read.

Through these experiences and their growing familiarity with texts such as simple recounts, stories, spelling and printing – they develop an understanding of the story, vocabulary and language structure; and of the communicative possibilities of images and sounds.

Applying BRIGHT KIDS’ supported and independent activities your child will learn to construct words and sentences! They will be able to combine words, images, and sounds to express personal thoughts and feelings. They will communicate ideas and information in oral and written forms.

Parents and teachers can use their downloads with any kindle, PC or Mac, SmartBoard, Whiteboard, projection system allowing you the freedom to enrich your child’s literacy experience with the technology you are using at home or in the classroom.