Reading- About Bright Kids Inc.

Bright kids Inc. was established in 1994 and has been helping children learn and improve their math, spelling, reading, writing and english language skills while having fun! We believe that children learn best when they are having fun!

Billy McDee and Grandma Lee both parents and educators developed Bright Kids Math Power Activity Kits and English Word Power Activity Kits for their four young daughters to practise and improve their math, spelling, reading and writing skills. The worksheets with friendly illustrations, colourful stickers and a variety of motivating exercises were so popular with their kids and their kids’ friends Billy McDee and Grandma Lee decided to make them available to parents and teachers through bookstores, toy stores, teacher supply stores, schools, specialty gift stores, travel shops, sick kids hospitals, parent shows and teacher conferences throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Billy McDee and Grandma Lee created All the Presidents’ Pets and All the Prime Ministers’ Pets after reading a sad fact that most elementary and high school students in the United States did not know who their past Presidents were and in Canada they did not know who their past Prime Ministers were. NOW children have the opportunity at a young age to familiarize themselves with the names of the GREAT leaders who helped build their country. Being able to recognize the names of these GREAT leaders will facilitate interest and further learning as your child will be able to make better connections to these important people as they advance with their education.

Today, Billy McDee and Grandma Lee’s four adult children have revised all of the Bright Kids Math Power Activity Kits and English Word Power Activity Kits to meet current curriculum expectations and standardized testing. Kristy is a mother of two, she has a Masters degree in Education and is a Specialist in Special Education – her two children use Bright Kids. Kim has a Masters degree in Education with a Specialist in Early Childhood Education, Kelly has a Masters of Arts degree Specializing in Mental Health and also has a MBA specializing in Healthcare and Kate has a Masters degree in Education and teaches Kindergarten and has taught Grade 2 and Grade 3  – she uses Bright Kids in her classroom.

We are passionate about education and dedicated to enriching the learning of children!