Grade 2 English Word Power Workout – FREE SAMPLE!


Bright Kids GRADE 2 English Power Workout enhances your child’s  vocabulary, reading, writing, and spelling development. Bright Kids helps your child EXCEL in language arts; so they can go on to have a successful and rewarding school year.



GRADE 2 is a year of huge development in Language Arts! Your students will achieve major milestones in vocabulary, reading, writing, and spelling advancement.

Learning to read, write and spell is essential to enable a child to succeed in school and in later life.

Bright Kids helps your child EXCEL in language arts; so they can go on to have a successful and rewarding school year.

Bright Kids Language Arts Grade 2 interactive, and guided learning provide your students with direction and support in reading, writing and spelling proficiency.

Bright Kids Activity Worksheets enhances vocabulary, develops reading skills and boosts phonics awareness.

Your child will learn new Grade 2 words and have an awareness of the relationship of letters to words and words to sentences. Writing stories using the Grade 2 List Words your child will generate ideas about a potential topic, using a variety of strategies and establish a personal voice in their writing, with a focus on using familiar words that convey their attitude or feelings towards the subject They will extend their experiences, and become successful in reading, writing and spelling.

Bright Kids Grade 2 English Word Power Activities are a GREAT LANGUAGE ARTS RESOURCE to help teachers motivate their students to learn to read write and spell successfully.

The activities provide opportunities for your students to respond to a variety of materials that demonstrate awareness of written materials and language patterns. They help develop communication and literacy skills. The activities are interactive and engaging, with easy to follow directions.

Worksheets come ALIVE as your students focuses their attention on a single worksheet with FUN & FRIENDLY illustrations and a variety of motivating exercises.

Using Bright Kids Grade 2 Language Arts your child will develop:

  • Expanded sight word vocabulary they will be able to read, understand and spell by applying more complex phonics strategies that involves understanding sound-symbol relationships.
  • They will be able to understand the knowledge of words and read with more fluency and focus on comprehension.
  • Your child will be able to use knowledge of words – semantics for meaning.
  • Organize ideas and information to write competently for many purposes.
  • Use punctuation appropriately and use stated and implied information and ideas in texts to make simple inferences and reasonable predictions.
  • Use parts of speech appropriately to communicate their meaning clearly, with a focus on the use of: proper nouns, action verbs in the present and simple past tenses; adjectives and adverbs; and question words (who, what, why, where and when).
  • Use capital letters and final punctuation to mark the beginning and end of sentences.
  • Establish a personal voice in their writing, with a focus on using familiar words and images to convey their attitude or feeling towards the subject.
  • They will be able to make revisions to their writing.

Celebrate and reward your Child’s efforts and ongoing progress. A Bright Kids Certificate is included in the Grade Two Language Arts Resources to present to your child after they have successfully completed the entire Activity Kit.

An Easy to Use Rubric is also included to make ASSESSMENT ACCURATE and EFFORTLESS!

With over 90 pages of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension activities that incorporate discovery learning, your child will demonstrate success in reading, success in writing and success in spelling.