Grade 1 English Word Power Workout


Grade 1 English Word Power Workout enhances vocabulary, develops reading skills and boosts phonics awareness.


With over 90 pages of Grade One reading, writing, spelling and comprehension activities that incorporate discovery learning, your students will demonstrate success in reading, success in writing and success in spelling.

An Easy to Use Rubric is also included to make ASSESSMENT ACCURATE and EFFORTLESS!

To facilitate the development of your Child’s early reading success, spelling success and writing success, our FUN and FRIENDLY Grade One activity worksheets have many high-frequency words and illustrations that provide direct support for meaning and word solving, and language structure.

Parents and teachers using Bright Kids Grade One Language Arts Resources, your children will:

  • Learn to spell high frequency words.
  • Develop reading skills.
  • Your children will learn the names and sounds of all the consonants and vowels.
  • Understand phonics concepts such as consonant combinations.
  • Children will understand and spell by applying more complex phonics strategies that involve understanding sound-symbol relationships.
  • Your children will read and understand some high-frequency words and words of personal interest or significance.
  • Use knowledge of words.
  • Expanded sight word vocabulary they will be able to read, understand and spell by applying more phonics strategies.
  • Follow along, and summarizing simple stories with pictures and develop an understanding of story writing.
  • Your children will be able to understand the knowledge of words and read with more fluency and focus on comprehension.
  • Establish a personal voice in their writing, with a focus on using familiar words and images to convey their attitude or feeling towards the subject.
  • Children will be able to make revisions to their writing.